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Jul 31, 2016

A free online event. Listen from the website . Join Anastasia talk about her journey from digital marketer to MMJ patient. Music by Young F.A.I.T : Saturday 4:20MST

#business, #cannabis, #colorado, #marijuana, #weed

Jul 29, 2016 Join the conversation with Abe from THC legal group. We talk about intellectual Property in Cannabis. Music by Portobello Road

#business, #cannabis, #colorado, #marijuana, #weed

Jul 20, 2016 : This week is an update from the Dank Insider. Learn about what is happening on the inside of the industry, and a working dispensary. Music by @Young Fait. Saturday 4:20 MST.

#business, #cannabis, #colorado, #marijuana,

Jul 15, 2016

A free online show. Find where to listen at the website This week I give you some insight into a marketing theory I've been looking into: Transparency Marketing, Then listen to Becca and I talk about how bad jobs don't lead to better business, well maybe for the cannabis industry. Then...

Jul 6, 2016

A free online event. Listen from website at . Becca Williams, the executive producer of MJ Straight Talk, the first Cannabis show on FSTV. Also, hear about my investment experience into MED-X INC. Music by The Lindells . Saturday at 4:20 MST