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Dec 26, 2016

A free online event. Listen from website . The last show of 2016. I bring it in alone with my thoughts, feelings, and projections for 2017. I share my life outlook at lifelong pursuit of betterment, via my experience in sales and marketing. My attempt to help the entrepreneur in Cannabis...

Dec 18, 2016 Second to last show. A talk about investing, life, and career with Michael, then we talk to the Weird Musik Family, YF, T-May, Kounter Kulture. Saturday 4:20 MST. #business, #cannaibs, #hip-hip, #marijuana,

Dec 11, 2016

A free online event, listen online Parker from Parker Pot, and newly FDIC approved Payment processing merchant exclusive for Cannabis industry. Music by the Lindels. Saturday at 4:20 MST. 

#business, #cannabis, #marijuana, #merchantservices,

Dec 4, 2016

Becca Btrip is Back after the breakl to tell up about life

#Business, #cannabis, #health, #lifestyle,

Nov 13, 2016


A free online event. Listen from the website This is my only political commentary regarding the election. I give my 2 cents on the future, and the real winner, Cannabis.

#Business, #cannabis, #election-2016, #marijuana,...