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Nov 23, 2015

Learning about what it takes to live a healthy headie lifestyle is more than vaporizors and networking. Join the conversation of the first franchisee, Headie Becca, and learn about how a cannapernuer is formed.: Music by Addey Lane . Saturday at 4:20mst. Listen for free from the website or your webbased media player.

Nov 15, 2015

Join us In the back room at Vis.Red I hung out with Colorado's finest bitcoin miners. Learn about a potential outlet for money in #Cannabis.: Legal minute with Davidlaw on Hemp classification.: Music by Subliminal Trip. Saturday 4:20mst. Business, #business, #cannabis, #colorado,

Nov 8, 2015

I sit down with the artist Klassick and Kate Thomas to talk about the new release of " Smoke with me". Learn how an artist survives in today's world. Hear the new track exclusively on CCP_RadioShow Saturday 4:20 mst , starts at the website.

#business, #cannabis, #colorado, #marijuana,

Nov 4, 2015

Halloween weekend is upon us. I hang out with T-May & Young F.A.I.T. Join the conversation, learn, laugh, Grind & Burn!

#business, #cannabis, #colorado, #marijuana, #weed

Nov 4, 2015

An impactful show this week. learn about a unique strain of Hemp in Finland; as well as a proximate cause DUI defense for Cannabis.: Then join me on my walk through Downtown Denver with High Urban Hikes. Music by Hannah Samano

#business, #cannabis, #colorado, #marijuana,