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Apr 8, 2015

This is our grand finale show of 2014, live from the studio zoo with the CCP all stars, the crew most heard and known from the shows. We have a full show so we jump into the opening comments as we share in an Edibles buffet provided by @THcookie club, over consumption of infused cookies, cheese cake and bacon wrapped stuffing with the goal to walk out on our own feet.

Introduction of everyone in the studio: Antoine Harrison from BubbleSonics Colorado , Sohum S from Cannabis Commodities Exchange , Joe Gigliotti Growflounder from HMO+ and @Scott Afable from @Highest reward joins us late, but in time. 

Growflounder and I reminisce the story of the show’s beginnings, how it came about and why we only did one show from GSS studios. And, who’s in Competition for new “highest listened to show”.

Moving along to the Year End analysis from everyone, the recap of their business and personal assessment. 

- Growflounder- Best thing is meeting new people in industry with new mindset. People can be real
- Sohum- Denver PD is relaxing its policies, suburbia is becoming more involved. 
- Antoine- People can be creative without judgement, more spiritual connection 

An Ad war breaks out between everyone in studio, who can read the best ad on air. 

Growflounder gets more experience as co-host. A phone call from our new correspondent Ashley Weber as she gives us the list of “who and what to watch in 2015” 

Memorable moments from the show (best flashback relapse). 
- Gary’s rec room now G's Spot 
- Errl Riggz in Shop
- Ashley Weber Medical Marihuana Patientl get’s sung to by by Alex White Plume 

Sohum leaves early, but reveals it’s because of a business connection made through Cannabis Community Project

CCP_Soundtrack of 2014: As we take a smoke break we hear a music minute from every musician or song represented on the show. (Image a 80’s style montague from January to now in the show as the music plays). Rob Hustle, Portabello Road, Subliminal Trip @evelyn Hannah Samano , @Kaitlyn Grey , @Croonan Valley Crooks, Chris Lindell , Dave Mensch, Reason To Rebel , Young F.A.I.T, Paul Ether Candelaria, @Mathew Brady 

Back from Break we jump into a Call with our sponsor Kushley, LLC to get her end year recap of the good bad and ugly, as well as christmas wishes. 

Growflounder explains @THcookie club and what the “free cookie” thing is all about. 

Ending Announcements. Scott gives us words of encouragement for others entering the industry. Antoine drops the news he’s expanding the team and moving into head shops with the business and a thank you to the fans, friends and followers. 

Final Words with the best story told. Growflounder divulges illegal activity in #cannafessions , Scott tells a great classic, and Antoine eats too many edibles, but tells a passionate story. 

We discuss the possibilities of more shows, more content and what could be. 
Shout out to our Music theme song from Reason To Rebel as outro music plays.

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